The Lybrand Approach

The Lybrand Approach is a series of easy to follow steps and programs which will help create strategic alignment, set business goals, and create clear next steps. It will help build clarity amidst confusion, navigate organizational complexity, and create an environment fostering support and speed.

Defining a Goal

The Lybrand Approach builds a series of strategies, objectives, programs, principles, and tactics to help accomplish your goals. By clearly documenting and defining these in a reproducible manner it becomes easy to rally others on your mission and track against your goals in measurable ways.


An important tool in creating alignment among teams, as well as building consensus, is clarifying your message through visual means. The Lybrand Approach will help you create dynamic and easy to understand visuals that come to life as you tell your story, and help clue people in to the broader plan quickly.


In addition to creating a sustainable effort to completing your goals, I have also included with the The Lybrand Approach a series of tools, concepts, and recommendations to ensure your success. Starting or managing an online business is a complex endeavor, and it is often difficult to know the right path to take. Get going fast with confidence in tools, platforms, and concepts instead of creating everything from scratch.